Mongolian or russian egg/potato salad?!

Question: Mongolian or russian egg/potato salad?
When I was a freshmen in college, I had a roommate that had come over to the USA about ten or eleven years ago now. She had made this really great egg salad and taught me once how to make it but it has been so long that I don't remember how to. She never wrote down a recipe or told me the name for it so it has been difficult to look it up online. The roommate and I had our problems (nothing petty) so it would be best not to contact one another, so that avenue is closed.

What it was made of was egg, potato, and mayo (obviously) - carrots, ham, and cucumber. There was a particular way to make it. Has anyone heard of it? A name is really all I need to look up a recipe.


Sounds like salad Olivier (or Russian salad)…

German potato salad sound close but it has vinegar along with Mayo not sure but most German is served hot and has egg.
try Russian potato salad or Russian egg salad

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