How can any person in their right mind consider Sarah Palin,or Michele Bachmann for any office?!

Question: How can any person in their right mind consider Sarah Palin,or Michele Bachmann for any office?

Michele Bachmann will give the writers of Saturday Night Live a wealth of material. So I support her in the republican primary.

Michele Bachmann seems viable. She's good in her speeches and she knows her stuff. Just because MSNBC and the media picks up on all her gaffes, doesn't mean she's a goof, I don't think. Of course, being only a Representative, she probably would have better credentials if she were a senator or governor, but she probably sees this as the only window of opportunity for her, so it makes that she'd still make a run for it now.

Either way, I think Mitt Romney or maybe even Marco Rubio might be a politician that doesn't have so much baggage. Or maybe Donald Trump? Okay, maybe not Donald Trump, since he seems like a media attention-seeker.

what makes you think that their supporters are "in their right mind"?

on the other hand, asking them to be more discriminating is probably beyond their ability.

Edit: <<Palin and Bachmann, or Pelosi and Reid, I would be all over voting for the former>>

i rest my case. The governor who quit, or the speakers of the house and senate. :-(

Now I many not be in my right mind, but if you put a gun to my head and told me to vote for Palin and Bachmann, or Pelosi and Reid, I would be all over voting for the former duo. Actually, you wouldn't even have to put a gun to my head; the choice is obvious.

Right. You are SO much more qualified than either of them. That is why you have been successful in convincing people to vote for you and they have not. Oh, wait. No one has voted for you. I guess they are ones in their right mind.

Only those who identify with the Tea Party, and a few from the Republican party. The way I see it, Obama will get another term if either of those you named, get the GOP nomination..

IF we had known as much about the man libs elected as we do Palin and Bachmann, any person in their right mind would not have considered him, I hope.

I hope on of them gets the Republican nomination. Reelection will be a slam dunk for Obama if he is lucky enough to face one of these cartoons in 2012.

Same question can apply to Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Al Franken, and Rahm Emmanuel.

They don't. No one in their right mind considers Palin or Bachmann to be fit for public office.

Nobody REALLY thinks they're ever going to be elected...even their most ardent supporters....but who else have they got?

many considered GWB.

Next question please

Considering how much Obama is faltering, I don't understand how they would be worse?

same reason they elected obama

part time idiot who voted idiot

Ask this question about the marxist douche bag.

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