Can you write the words of this video?!

Question: Can you write the words of this video?
Hello i am from Latin America and I do not speak English very well, I found this very interesting video that "has not subtitles" and i don't understand what they are saying the actors
Can you write all the words that the actors are saying, please i need to know what the actors say, only that, can you write it? Thanks you for your help


"Set up a teleconference at 0900. I want Brussels, Sao Paolo, Jakarta and New Delhi on the line.

That's going to be rough, with all those time zones.

We're talking a $50b merger. For that kind of coinage, everybody can lose a little sleep. Well?

All clear, Mr Hargrove, no bugs.

See that it stays that way.

It will, sir.

Bobby [Junior's] about to get knocked down to CEO of the second largest software company in the world; I want him to hear about that from me tomorrow. If word of this leaks out before then, you're the first person who gets fired.

It's far enough. Mr Hargrove has booked the entire floor.

You going to clean the room for me?

No offence. I have to do this.

Was it good for you?

It's clean.


[phone rings]

Warren Hargrove, what room?

Come on, brother, the room?

Presidential suite, top floor.

Get him on the phone. [Grace/Gray], seal the building. Now!


[phone rings]

Police. Identify yourselves.

We just did.

Badges. Gun!

[blows and cries]

What the hell -- ?


[gunshot, cry]

Hold it right there!

Dylan, the shooter's dressed as a maid, headed across the Patio restaurant.

… go away.

… floor level, just the elevator.

Let's go!


What happened?

Not here.

All right, two [bodies] ..."

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