can i bake a cake using canola oil instead of butter?!

Question: Can i bake a cake using canola oil instead of butter?
we dont have any butter and i need to bake a cake. ive seen oil in cake mixes but i want to know if i can substitute or if i have to add other ingredients with it


You can use apple sauce also. It tastes great in cake and it will work the same as oil.
If you use oil, be careful of the taste you are adding - like Olive Oil is pretty strong tasting.

Choose a recipe that calls for vegetable oil instead. Oil is NOT a substitute for butter because of heat and consitancy and most of all...taste. Butter packs a lot of flavour. Recipes that call for oil bear this in mind and crank up the sugar or things like cinnamon or cocoa.

You could, but the flavor and the texture will be different. I wouldn't.

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