What is food that is simple, and easy to sell on summer?!

Question: What is food that is simple, and easy to sell on summer?
What is it? Give me a list, I need easy to cook.


Pizza, ice-cream floats, popsicles, fruit salads, homemade lemonade, fresh veggie sandwiches....the list can go on and on(:

Anything cool and refreshing. Where do you plan on selling it?? If it's at a vendor or booth, I recommend selling ICED bottled water (it's so overrated but people will buy it!) Also, fresh fruit that's kept chilled with ice [water melon slices, pineapple, cherries, grapes] are a few of my favorite. Sell Icees and slushies (invest in a cheap ice shaver about 15U.S.D.@Walmart) Last year we hosted an environmental fund raising event, and popular dishes were Japanese crepes (very easy), Steamed Pork buns (very easy too), and Dango sticks. I know it's kind of Asian...but I think a lot of people like Asian cuisine. It's like a no brainer!

my brain. (I am Asian..LOL)

- Homemade lemonade
-berry popsicles
-mini pizzas
-cream pies

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