How can I make sushi?!

Question: How can I make sushi?
I have shrimp and rice at my house. Honestly I don`t have many supplies like I haven`t been to the grocery store and a while and I don`t wanna bug my mom to take me. Unless I need to because my mom actually likes going to the grocery store lol. So what do I basically need? I wanna make like california rolls or somethin like that? Would they carry seaweed at a smalltown grocery store? Thanks!


Here are a couple sites that will help you. Crab is in california rolls, not shrimp.…

A few of the different types of sushi's are, Dragon-Roll, California Roll, Spicy Tuna, Maki Sushi, Inside Out Sushi,Nigiri sushi... But those are just ideas:D here are a few different websites to check out: *Probably best website!*

i went to a sushi restaurant on saturday night and it cost £30 for my meal,i think i got a raw deal.

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