How often do you cook dinner? How often do you eat out and do you eat left overs? Cooking everyday is a lot of?!

Question: How often do you cook dinner? How often do you eat out and do you eat left overs? Cooking everyday is a lot of?
work...the cleaning part


Hmm, once or twice a week. I almost never eat out, I always eat leftovers, and yes. Lots and lots of work!

I cook dinner every night, with the occasional sushi dinner out, maybe once a month. I try not to have left overs, as I'm terrible at using them. Usually, there's only one leftover dinner in a week; if I fry a whole chicken, I'll make chicken salad for lunch, or meatloaf and sheperd's pie might get reheated once. Left over chili, spaghetti sauce, lasagne, or french onion soup is frozen for when I'm out of town or the BF needs to be able to eat without me. Cooking from scratch nightly is a lot of work but worth the effort, and far superior to the boxes, cans, packages, and takeout many people use instead of cooking. Often I just put all the dishes in a dishpan of hot soapy water to soak overnight instead of washing up after cooking.

I cook on the weekends and put some in the freezer and a little in the fridge. During the week (I work 14 hours a day), I either eat what is in the fridge, or pull something from the freezer. If I'm not that hungry, I just snack on some fresh cut veggies, cheese and maybe some crackers.

I don't go out to eat. My 14 hour work day is on the road, driving a taxi so the last thing I want to do at the end of my day is go somewhere ;) During the day, I do have to eat on the run. Usually I will try to stop at a grocery and pick up a piece of organic fruit and something relatively safe from the deli like a turkey sandwich, and move on. If I don't have time for that... it's a bottle of juice and plastic container of carrots and celery from 7-11.

I cook dinner at home most nights. We go to my in-laws maybe once a week for dinner too. We eat out maybe twice a month at the most. We eat leftovers for lunch quite often. Though some things do not make for good leftovers. I guess I've been cooking at home for quite a while so I make things quickly and easily to prevent a lot of clean up. I know some people have a problem using every pot in the house when making dinner. That is not a problem for me.
I can make a pot roast in one pan with a Reynolds bag and it's fantastic.
I can make rice a 'roni with beef in one pan and have a simple salad. Very little clean up.

I cook usually six days a week--my husband cooks on Tuesdays because I work very late. Eating out is usually lunch thing, on the weekends.

Cooking is work, but I enjoy it. The cleaning up I just try to get over with as fast as possible.

I eat paleo style so I cook a lot at home. I plan for left overs (makes it so I don't have to cook as much) and it's not that hard to cook or clean up... then again, I have a dishwasher.

i don't cook very often....i eat out most of the which i don't have alot of cleaning up to do

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