Do you cook. I'm always cooking ?!

Question: Do you cook. I'm always cooking ?
I cook all the time .. Now all are gone . Except one daughter who is never home :)
LOL I still cook I beleive it is far healthier to cook than eat Out. ( forget the Money) I can afford to eat out


yes! yes! yes!!

i've recently been diagnosed anorexic so i can't cook as much and plus i have exams at school so i haven't got time either! =/
but over christmas in december, i was cooking A LOT!
i absolutely LOVE cooking! i find it helps me destress a lot! =D

it's great! i wish i could eat more so i could keep cooking!
i still cook sometimes with my sister, like yesterday =)

me =)

I cook, but I do a lot of experimenting. Plus, I can pick the ingredients, so I know what's going into it and if it's healthy.

My spouse ate out a lot and his cholesterol went through the roof, so I'm testing out new recipes so that his picky palate will like it.

The only thing is, there's only 2 of us, so there can be a lot of waste (especially if he hates it, then it's just me).

I like to cook, I am always looking things up ne recipes to try, on the internet and in cook books. It is a passionate hobby that I can't stop. I wish that I didn't like to do it all the time, but because I cook a lot I am always buying replenishment , like veggies, meat, chicken and I'm even baking desserts to serve after the meal, so it is a vicious circle. I do occasionally just decide I want a Harvey's Hamburger and take a break with my husband who actually likes to eat at home. so if I go out it's just a sudden desire to get away from the kitchen and I want his company. Our children are now all married and away from home in other countries, so it's usually just us.

I love to cook too. The first meal that I remember was cooking the full Thanksgiving dinner for about 20 people when I was about 12. I lived with my grandmother. My three married sisters, their husbands and kids would all come over for Thanksgiving. When she announced she was tired of cooking, and wouldn't do it any more, I told her I would take care of it.

When my wife and I married, we had a little cook-off. My dinner was better than hers, and so from then on (32 years ago now) I've been the primary cook in the family. We are now empty nesters, but both of us still work fulltime. I try to cook big dishes on the weekends and eat leftovers during the week.

Home cook

I love cooking too.I prepare my own tomato sauces for pasta and my own jams and pretty much everything!

Yes, but i tend to favour old fashioned recipes, like cottage pie, poached fish etc

Not really but i should be lol.

I cook all the time...............I love to it is so much better than all that fast food crap........

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