Can I make sushi without a bamboo mat?!

Question: Can I make sushi without a bamboo mat?
Im only 12 and I know they sell them at wegmans but my mom is going to weis and im not sure if they sell them their.. So could I make sushi without a bamboo mat (California Roll)


You could improvise and wrap a sheet or two of card stock with plastic wrap and use that. It won't be as strong as the mat, but it should work. Good luck, I love sushi.

The bamboo mat is very helpful to make maki sushi but you don't need it and there are other kinds of sushi too.

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Ok, it is more fun with the mat but you can do it without. Roll it like a cone instead or use a sheet of hard plastic like laminated type.

You can make hand rolls.…

no not really they're annoying just roll it with your hand or use clingfilm to roll it over with.. ;)

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