Have you ever made cake pops?!

Question: Have you ever made cake pops?
Cake pops are the cake balls covered in chocolate or candy on a stick. Have you ever made them or had them? We're making them for my friends baby shower and I want to know if they are good or not. Also, what are some cute designs for them? Make them neutral colors. She doesn't know if she is having a boy or a girl, it's a surprise!


Chris Shady:D


cake pops are amazing
i love making them

what about like these
they look easy enough

or, these

i HATE the colours, i would do lemon & white
but i think the drizzle in the same colour is very effective


please dont do green
green & cake DO NOT go well

they're seriously DELISH!!
i love them... i ate like 20 at a time or seomthing... hihi (my guilty pleasure)

i think they're nice dipped into white or milk chocolate and some with like orange shavings, or coconut fflakes... can even add like thousands (or whatever they're called.)

cake pops are so yummy!! I love them

you should cover them in green icing and have baby things on them like rubber ducks and what not~

no i have not and yellow or green works for colors

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