how do you make a strawberry milkshake like the one from mcdonalds ?!

Question: How do you make a strawberry milkshake like the one from mcdonalds ?


Strawberry Shake
2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 cup whole milk
1/4 cup half & half
3 tablespoons strawberry flavor Nestle Quik Powder.

im sure you could do better but there it is lol.

First of all, posters, McDonald's doesn't use real ice cream and never has. Yours will taste that much better when you make it at home using real ice cream. My training in the Culinary Institute of America showed me a lot about fast food chains, none of it good.

Professional Chef

Sugar, sugar, and more sugar, corn syrup, a few dozen preservatives, artificial strawberry flavor, thickeners, guar gum, corn starch, salt, and bits of frozen strawberries, red dye.

strawberry icecream, sugar, lil milk, blender.. and mix! add some frozen strawberrys for a more chunky strawberry taste :)

I'd say it was mostly strawberry ice cream and then add some milk but not too much :-) x

Lotz of sugar.... strawberry icecream.. put in in a milkshake machine,, their ya go

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