What goes along with pork and beans?!

Question: What goes along with pork and beans?
i don't wanna eat it plain.

what i have/can have at home:
cooking oil


add the beans to cooked noodles an diced onion.salt pepper. toast bread add . u can even add the pork to ur noodles. BY CHEF.AN COOKBOOK WRITER.

You gotta fry some of those onions for sure! Along with a little molasses, bacon(fried and broken in small pieces), tad of mustard some ketchup, and some brown sugar make a mean baked bean recipe!
Drain most of the juice off the can of beans first yuck! The other stuff you add will make a rich tasty sauce.
Add all that and cook it on med low for about 30 minutes. Cover on stovetop or bake 45min. @ 350

Noodles, definitely! ;)

Scrambled eggs or the noodle route.

mind of mine

An egg sandwich

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