How do I get my fried rice to get soft while baking...?!

Question: How do I get my fried rice to get soft while baking...?
I am making the recipe at… and I fried the uncooked rice just as it instructed, and followed the rest of the steps. Now the chicken and rice mix has been in my over for about 45 minutes, but the rice isn't even remotely soft. How do I get it soft?


My guess would be that you didn't add the broth etc and bring to the boil.
I feel they could have added to simmer the rice.
Bacically you just have wet uncooked rice.

Put it into a pot and if it still hs any liquid heat gently stirring until the rice has softened, add a littl more water if required

I looked at the recipe and frankly, it stinks. There should be around 2 cups of water (I would use stock or broth) and the dish should be covered. I would season it a bit more with a bit of cumin.
It should take about an hour.
I make chicken and rice all the time.

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