How do u heat up a microwave without burning your food?!

Question: How do u heat up a microwave without burning your food?

Okay, you don't heat up microwaves. Microwave is radiation - it cooks differently than heat does. The microwave causes cells to accelerate in the food and heat up that way, rather than being cooked by heat. So, you don't heat up a microwave. Food cooked in a microwave is cooked much faster than a traditional oven and you need to follow the instructions or recipe for the type of food you are cooking. And honestly, microwave is not the best way to actually cook food - it alters the composition of food when you microwave cook it and makes it a bit harder to digest. The best cooking is in a traditional oven or convection oven. Microwave ovens are very best for reheating.

Well, ideally, you should strive to heat the food--not the microwave.

On a slightly more serious note:
Frequently (every minute for example) pause the microwave's heating process and 'rotate' the food 45 degrees.

Good luck with your T.V. dinners! Hahahaha


You don't need to preheat a microwave. Just put the food in and in just a few seconds your food should be done.

depends on which microwave you have.
i have a samsung microwave for 3 years and its working like new :D

dont leave the food in there as long ya dumb***

common sense

Don't heat up the microwave

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