Can I put a stapler in Jello?!

Question: Can I put a stapler in Jello?
A co worker next to me annoys me in every way....can i put his stuff in jello?


YES. I see your name is "jim halpert". Maybe watch the office and get some ideas of how to get back at the guy next to you:) But if you do the stapler thing, make sure he sees it before he eats the jello. Oh and btw if you do those pranks you could get fired by MICHAEL so be careful.

i dunno how linds thinks he is gonna eat an entire stapler and not notice lol

i would take his stapler home, and make the jello with it in it
and put the bowl on his desk before he comes in
and sit and watch his face when he realizes its gonna get messy gettin that out

waste of yummy jello though!

Putting his belongings in Jell-o will alert him to your annoyance without accomplishing much. He can just take it out of the Jell-o and plot revenge.

I recommend offering him Jell-o with oyster bits in it. Tell him they're chopped apples if he is suspicious. Putting in other fruits will make him less likely to wonder about the ones he can't identify.

If you want him to bleed internaly and get him killed, sure go ahead. But when you end up in jail on murder charges it will be your fault.

So the guy annoy's you. Get over it. People annyoy me, but it doesn't mean I want to harm them.

Good way to get fired, but go ahead. Be aware, though, if he eats the jello, it could be a criminal matter. ANYTHING can be put in jello.

maybe do sumthing bigger like paper clips because then he will get hurt. alot.


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