What is the best way to refuse fruitcake?!

Question: What is the best way to refuse fruitcake?
When you visit someone and they offer you their homemade fruitcake, what is the best way to say no. I have never eaten any that I like, and everyone says theirs is different, one was made with graham crackers but had those nasty fruits in them.


Don't lie about allergies etc...what a tangled web we weave..when we venture to deceive... just smile and say 'no thank you' .........simple.
I know you don't want to hurt any-ones feelings but if they are a true friend they should know you don't eat it or don't like it.
If they are a stranger, why would they care what you eat, they don't need your approval.

I would probably say something like, "I bet you made it really good, but my mom use to always make me eat fruitcake around the holidays when I was younger. Thanks though!"

I don't especially like that kind of cake either, lol. Good luck!

i wouldnt say u were alergic to anything,
as they may say it isnt in it!
most people dont mind if u say "no thanks"
but if ur to shy u could say:
1. iv already eatin.
2. not for me thanks
3. im not too hungry.

repeat after me: "Oh, no, thank you."

Keep repeating this very kindly until they stop offering.

say that you′ve already eaten.


Just say your allergic to those nasty jellied fruit chunks.

say i've already eaten.

Most people I know just say, "No thank you." For some reason people either like fruit cake or can't stand it.

say no thanks

just say noooooo thanks

say you're on a diet!

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