Can you add olive oil to a sandwich?!

Question: Can you add olive oil to a sandwich?
I wanted to know if I could add olive oil to a sandwich because i am trying to achieve more calories. And if that is possible what other foods can i add olive oil to.


Olive oil is good on many things. I get oil and vinegar on my subs, I'm sure olive oil would be good too.

Toss some pasta with chopped fresh basil and E.V. Olive Oil. It's pretty good.

Also try mixing it with some of your favorite spices and using it as a dressing for salad. A little vinegar and some spices make it delish!

I've cooked since I was 7years old!

you can add olive oil to a sandwich! its very yummy! i like to coat the top piece of bread on my sandwich with olive oil then rice vinegar for extra flavor! very very good! you can add olive oil to just about anything you can add butter to!

Why do you want to gain calories? Just eat lots of chocolate. You can add olive oil to a sandwich but I don't think it would taste nice on some things in your sandwich.

Yes, but for more flavour try adding salad dressings.
Balsamic, greek, and zesty italian are particular favourites of mine.

What in shits name son. Grow a pair and add steak to everything you eat. Steak on cereal, steak on ice cream & god damn steak on steak

Im not a ***** oil drinker

Yes you can olive oil to a sandwich. There is actually mayo with olive oil already in it.

Spread the bread with the oil first then toast it in a pan for added texture and calories....

Why sure - especially on those Italian subs.

you can brush some olive oil inside like butter spread ...

Of course! And add bacon plz


uh yeah if you want

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