What easy dishes can I make with the least ingredients ?!

Question: What easy dishes can I make with the least ingredients ?
So its cheap


Very easy, cheap (or inexpensive) and only 5 ingredients.

Slow Cooker Adobo Chicken

1 small sweet onion, sliced
8 cloves garlic, crushed
3/4 cup soy sauce
1/2 cup vinegar
1 (3 lb.) whole chicken, cut into pieces

Place chicken in a slow cooker. In a small bowl mix the onion, garlic, soy sauce, and vinegar, and pour over the chicken. Cook on Low for 6-8 hrs. Serve hot with steamed rice. Makes 4 servings

Omelettes with whatever yummy additions you have/can afford. Think mushrooms, tomatoes, green peppers, cheese, ham - whatever you fancy.

Baked potatoes - again with whatever toppings you fancy. Baked beans, egg mayo, cheese, tuna. And salad.

Sandwiches. A good wholemeal bread plus meat or cheese plus a decent layer of green stuff is actually a pretty balanced meal.

Chilli is easy and cheap to make. For 4 portions: Roughly chop an onion and fry gently (not too hot) until translucent. Add 250g minced/ground beef, stir to break it up and cook until brown all over. Add a can of chopped tomatoes, a beef stock cube, a big pinch of black pepper, a tablespoon of cumin and chilli to taste. Simmer for a few minutes. Add 100g tomato puree and a can of kidney beans and simmer a few more minutes. Then serve with plain rice and salad or corn.

You can make bolognese in almost the same way - just add chopped garlic with the beef, instead of cumin and chilli use basil and oregano, don't add beans, and serve with spaghetti. You can add extra vegetables too if you like (as soon as the beef is browned) like mushrooms or chopped courgette/zucchini.

Grilled cheese., or plain toast.

scrambled eggs :)

it would help if you explained to us what you have.

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