Any suggestions what delicious meal I could have tonight?!

Question: Any suggestions what delicious meal I could have tonight?
Any suggestions what delicious meal I could have tonight? Can you give quite a lot of answers please.

Kind Regards


Depends what you feel like having...

Something spicy?
Curried noodles (Very easy and delicious)

Something mild?
Mushroom risotto

Something liquid?
Leek and potato soup

Something easy?
Jacket potato

Something hard?
Vegetarian Cottage Pie

Something filling and warming?
Bean stew

Something quick?
Curried scrambled eggs

Something pasta?
Pasta, tomato and cheese

Something healthy?
Peanut, couscous and three bean salad

Something Japanese?
Vegetable tepurah or Mushroom teriyaki burger

Something Indian?
Bean curry stuffed naan bread
Vegetable curry

Something Spanish?
Vegetable pillaf

Something french?
Garlic mushrooms
Vegetable garlic bread

Something Italian?
Vegetarian spagetti bolognaise

Just a few suggestions, perhaps open a cookbook on a random page, that's what I usually do
enjoy your meal :P

Vegetarian :L

Why don't you try youtube for some food suggestions, and how to cook them, gets your mouth watering and you soon know what you will fancy when you see whats on offer!

Tonight I had lasagne (ready made I couldn't be bothered doing my own) with a salad with a balsamic dressing, YUM

Helloo :) how about shepard's pie? that's a nice satisfying meal :)
or you could try greek and have kofta meatballs with pialu rice, greek salad, pita bread and humous?
or try something like moroccan chickpea and lamb casserole,
hope this helps, have a great meal tonight!! make sure you don't skip dessert! best part of the meal ;) lol xx


You need:
~Taco shells
~Taco seasoning
~Sour cream

Or for an easier option, got get an Old Elpasso Taco kit which contains almost everything you'll need!

(Then again, you could always order a take out!)

Meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans

well it depends what kind of meal you like and were you are going...;)

chicken teriyaki

Make a really yummy salad.

Fried chicken & hot sauce.

fish n chips nom nom

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