cooking chicken in cream of chicken and mushroom?!

Question: Cooking chicken in cream of chicken and mushroom?
I am going to cook chicken in some cream of chicken and cream of mushroom and serve over rice. but do i cook the chicken first then add creams of and simmer in a skillet or do i add the creams of and cook in the skillet. fi i cook the chicken first do i cook in a pan or in the over.


You can actually do it both ways....I just made some chicken breasts in my crock pot..I browned them first in a cast iron skillet...Then I put in the crock pot and let them cook...when there was an hour left I smothered in cream cheese...I had made gravy which I poured over and let the chicken cook for a couple more hours...

You could brown your chicken in the skillet..if it is oven proof pour your soup over the chicken and put in the oven to bake if not transfer to a baking dish.......probably about 30 to 40 350......

Or just pour the soup over the chicken and bake....

Enjoy !!!

You should at least partially cook the chicken first, because if you try to cook it in the cream-of, the cream-of will burn before the chicken is even close to being cooked. It doesn't much matter if you sautee the chicken in a pan or roast it in the oven first. Don't worry if it's still got some pink juice when you're done roasting or sauteeing, as you can finish cooking in the cream-of for the last 5-15 minutes (any longer than that and you'll have burnt cream-of)

If you're making in a skillet- cook the chicken first until it's done or almost done and add the soup with milk, cream, sour cream, etc. If you're baking, you don't have to cook the chicken first. Mix the rice with the soup in your baking dish and top with the chicken. Bake at 375 for 45mins or until the chicken is done.

I would saute the chicken until browned and mostly cooked on either side and then add the cream soup and simmer. You might think about adding some mushrooms, asparagus or spinach. I would also consider adding a couple of spoonfuls of sour cream or plain greek yogurt, to the soup mixture and some herbs/spices (tarragon, garlic and pepper). Good luck.

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