Does anyone still cook ?!

Question: Does anyone still cook ?
Do you eat out at fast food places all the time most of the time or never ?

Do you cook one meal a day three a day ? One a month ?

Am I the only one left who makes meals at home?

I wouldn't want my wife eating the crap they sell at these places so I make her lunch and usually breakfast and dinner -

But also because I do not want to eat that crap.

I am not sure what is in McDonalds burgers but I am sure it's not beef despite what they say - I am not altogether sure the bun is bread - same goes for the rest of the fast food places - They might be better but now we are compareing getting hit over the head with a book vs getting hit with a brick -

How about that microwavable stuff ? Are you doing that instead or cooking cooking ????


Yes I cook all the time. It's just me and my son but, I cook all the time I don't do breakfast on the weekdays because he wants to eat breakfast at school with his friends. But on the weekends we go all out for breakfast, it's his favorite food. I cook all the time and we don't stick to the same things all the time we try different dishes. And all my sisters and mother come to the house because they know that I cook everyday. I enjoy it, a lot of times I talk as if there's a camera right there in the kitchen and I have a live studio audience. My son thinks I crazy.

I left the tech industry to be home with my kids and cook and play music and teach. Many years later I still do all of them.

I cure and smoke my own bacon and ham. I grow fruit and vegetables and herbs all over the place. I used to make 3 meals from scratch every day but now my kids are older and they do a lot for themselves.

But that doesn't stop me from eating like a king for cheap. And I eat well.

(Maybe ray woods can appear on 'my' cooking show and I can appear on 'his' , lol.)

Yes I cook most meals, but I like alot of raw foods and yogurt, cereal, so Im not 'cooking' big meals for myself. Week ends I cook and bake.Like Ill make a big pot of soup or chili and freeze them in small 1 meal containers or do a roast.
I go out to eat socially mostly dinner, but my favorite is just coffee with a good bagel or muffin. once a week.

Glad to hear alot of men answer this question.

Yes I do and make all my own jams and chutneys. I never use anything pre-made such as sauces, custards etc. and I am very fit and slim. I do not trust the fast food outlets and some of them smell very unsavoury!

Don't discount microwaved food. Vegetables for instance have more vitamins because of the short cooking time.

1) almost never
2) usually one,sometimes more
3) No
4) No

I cook three times a day, every day, for my 7 siblings for the past 5 years.

Fast food life style are not healthy. i prefer cook myself.

I cook. I don't use the microwave for preparing meals---just once in awhile for veggies or something quick in an emergency. I have a nice range, a crockpot, and a nice toaster oven. Someone also gave me a really nice pressure cooker, which is fun and the food is good, but I'm a little leary of it.

About the only place I like for "fast" food is Subway. Once in awhile, Sammy's Pizza. That's about it. I'm a grocer's daughter, and worked the grocery store for 30 years. I appreciate good food, not whatever they call it they are selling. I call it "fake food." I also call a lot of what Walmart sells "fake food." More power to ya for still doing it at home!!!

I LOVE making meals at home

but i think im the only guy who does =(


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