What beef do i use for grilling?!

Question: What beef do i use for grilling?
Its my first time grilling for a party, and I don't know what beef to choose...there's just so many different types! Its for a party of around 15 people, so I don't want to spend a fortune either. Any suggestions?


You need to have a tender cut to grill successfully. You'll want a sirloin steak or rib eye or NY, not a shoulder or blade steak. Of course ground beef grills beautifully too.

It will help to bring the steak to room temperature before you grill it. Just leave it out for 15 minutes. Marinating can also help tenderize it a little and add some flavor.

Tough beef needs to cook for a long time in a moist environment. If you aren't sure, ask the butcher. If there is no butcher, shop somewhere else.


Ground chuck makes good hamburgers, not too lean, not too greasy. Chuck roasts are cheap and can bee grilled like a steak, since they`re thick sear the outside and finish on indirect heat. You could buy stew meat marinate it and grill on skewers with veggies. London Broil i. Grill it and slice thin on the diagonal.Skirt steaks are cheap and are traditionally used for fajitas.

Try searching for a grilling website for more detail and recipes. Youtube has "the BBQ pit boys" and "Steven Raechlin"

I have found that the best beef for grilling is Tri-Tip. This is THE grill food in the Santa Maria - Santa Barbara region of California I have found it at a Super Walmart in Central Florida. For grilling there is nothing better.

make a roast beef. Season it with steak spice (grocery store) and cook it on a rotisserie. It's so delicious and feeds a lot of people for a reasonable price :)

London broil would be a good choice and good for a larger group. Here's some recipes:

It will cost a lot unless you use really cheap cuts, which will not impress your guests. Might as well not bother. Good cuts are: Ribe eye, T-bone, New York Strip, more expensively you have beef tenderloin.

Lamb chops, steaks, and ribs.

good beef

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