Trail Mix minus the raisins?!

Question: Trail Mix minus the raisins?
I don't like raisins. They taste bad in my opinion and hurt my teeth. I have a huge bucket of cashews from Costco and I don't want it to go to waste. So I was thinking of mixing it with chocolate chips or m&ms. I'm not sure what else to mix in there though. No dried fruits. Bleh! Any other suggestions?


Scratch the chocolate chips from the list, they'll melt and make a mess.

Since you've ruled out dried fruit you'll have to get your sweets from something else. Maybe Skittles, honey roasted nuts, or a sweetened cereal like Fruit Loops or Honey Nut Cheerios.

For additional savory ingredients I like to put in small pretzels, small cheese crackers, and Chex cereals. Small seasoned crackers are good as well. My children like to put oyster crackers in their trail mix.

Wheat Chex
Heart To Heart Cereal Honey Toasted Oat
Chocolate chips
Sunflower seeds
Coconut [shredded]

Have fun !!!

pumpkin seeds
sunflower seeds

add in golden graham cereal and mini marshmallows!! So good with the chocolate

Bits of granola :)

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