How to cook an healthy egg?!

Question: How to cook an healthy egg?

Nothing wrong with scrambled eggs cooked in real butter.
Eggs a few days a week are a super food for the brain, muscle, and energy.
Regular butter is better than most cooking oils.
Most dairy gets a bad rap. Moderation is important.

you have been seduced by the radical nutritionists and food fanatics
an Egg Is just Simply a Egg - - nutritional value is best determined by its size . they are all basically the same- - the embryo and it's food sack plus a water supply - (the whites = simple water +
as for cooking - the nonsense that cooking destroys some values - - OH Yea - that makes sense
6 billion humans - 4 million on earth - - I believe they all have chicken eggs
" Healthy" a word coined by critics - a Judgmental word - of comparative value - -(the rich vs the poor)
SO you got an Egg - eat it - raw cooked - mixed ,scrambled -
Only Your Body Can Determine What Nutrition It Will Allow In Your Body - - And that does not come from some advice or written words

Boiled eggs are probably the healthiest....Why eat an egg if you just eat the white part....

This is the perfect boiled egg......................It is crucial that eggs are at room temperature...Put eggs in cold water....

Brings eggs to a boil....get a good rolling boil and remove from heat and cover for 12 minutes exactly...have a bowl of water and ice handy after 12 minutes add eggs to the ice water and set for 5 minutes...tap bottom of egg and roll around to loosen the shell..Perfect eggs...


there isno such thing as and unhealthy egg. even if you fry it over easy as long as you don't use to much oil it will be healthy. Should have you egg everyday no i don't think so but or 3 week is fine.

the healthiest way to eat an egg is to take out the yolk and cook and eat only the egg whites. You can pan fry with cooking spray or scramble it. If you want your yolk then I would suggest hardboiling your egg..

poach it in boiling water,
on brown wholemeal bread (toasted),
with a sprinkle of pepper.

instead of mixing the egg yolk with the egg,
white just use the egg white, and have with,


Other than hard boiled you can also pouch an egg. I think you crack it into boiling water and let it cook for a few minutes then fish it out.


Hard boiled

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