what are some different ways to season white rice?!

Question: What are some different ways to season white rice?
I want to use it as a side dish for a whole roasted chicken. Any ideas?


Ways to Add Flavor to Plain White Rice

Instead of cooking plain white rice in water, use chicken stock. Once the rice is tender and cooked to perfection, stir in a drained can of chunk chicken breast along with tender cooked peas. Top the finished rice with almond slivers for a side dish with flavor, texture, and color.

Jazz up a pan of plain white rice with hot melted butter and parmesan cheese. This tasty side dish is simple but full of flavor, and it can be served alongside any main dish that goes well with ordinary white rice. Add as much or as little butter and parmesan cheese as you like, and turn an ordinary meal into an extraordinary feast.

Cinnamon and Sugar
Those who have a sweet tooth can serve plain white rice mixed with cinnamon and sugar after the main meal of the day. Stir in butter until it melts completely, and blend in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar for a delicious dessert that costs just pennies a serving.

Broccoli and Cheese
Veggies should be included in every meal, and they can be incorporated into a side dish instead of served separately. Microwave a package of frozen broccoli and cheese sauce, and mix it with plain white rice for a filling side dish that will become a family favorite full of texture and rich flavor.

Mushrooms, Onions, and Garlic Butter
Fresh mushrooms are full of flavor, and they turn ordinary side dishes into flavorful meals. Sautee diced fresh mushrooms and sweet diced Vidalia onions in butter mixed with fresh minced garlic or garlic powder. When the mushrooms and onions are tender, stir the mixture into a pan of plain white rice.

Spinach, Mushroom, and Garlic
Fresh mushrooms, spinach, and garlic are a fantastic combination, and it goes well with plain white rice. Sautee fresh spinach, fresh diced button mushrooms, and minced garlic in butter, and stir it into steaming plain white rice. Even those who thought they did not like spinach will ask for seconds, and this easy way to add flavor to an otherwise plain side dish.

Either cook the rice in coconut milk or orange juice. But still add water (especially to the orange juice). You can add small pieces of cooked peas and carrots. Or just on top but thyme, rosemary, oregano and whatever other soft spices you have on hand. Enjoy

I saute onion, garlic, and a little jalapeno in oil, and I add it to the rice with some tomato sauce and let it simmer. Add more oil and salt as needed. It tastes like the rice you get at Mexican restaurants.

I usually add boullian cubes to my white rice or brown rice and it tastes really good. I also use teriyaki sauce or even soy sauce.

I love stirring chimichurri into plain old white rice, it's really easy to make, here's the recipe: http://wp.me/p1l2Zx-v4

replace the water when cooking with chicken stock, and cook normally... this will go very well with roast chicken.

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