Mac and cheese question!?!

Question: Mac and cheese question!?
Ok might just be my opinion but does anyone else agree that the Mac with characters on it like spongebob or dora or something always seem to taste better than the regular straight noodles?


Yes totally agree i think the straight ones are disgusting but love the character ones lol

I don't eat such a thing, but I can see why it would seem like that to be true.
Certain foods we relate to good times and great fond memories.
So when we eat them, we reflect on the good times related to that food type which enhances the consumption of that food type product.
It has been found that lemons taste sweet when the person eating them was being tinkled; [just think someone out there was paid for doing research on that very subject.]
I hope this helped.

I totally DISagree- they make the cheese icky because little kids are too focused on the shapes to notice the taste.

I like the plain Mac N Cheese. It is harder to cook the shapes evenly.

I don't eat that stuff........but I would see where a child would think this way.........

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