What is Better: Ravioli or Lasagna?!

Question: What is Better: Ravioli or Lasagna?

its all bout the ravioli......
had to much lasagna as a kid and got sick of it

They are essentially the same thing. Different forms of pasta (but still pasta) with an unknown choice of fillings, either inside the pillows, or between the layers. They are covered with your choice of sauces, and served in a bowl (ravioli) or on a plate (lasagna). Still the same thing. They are both pasta with whatever fillings and sauce you choose, that's what makes them both wonderful.

Ravioli is a favorite kids' food.

Lasagna is a good way to clear out your pantry of all your canned vegetables that Mom wanted you to eat over the past year, but never got around to eating. Also, it has lots of servings, and doesn't spoil if you keep it in the refrigerator for a week. The downside: takes a LOOOOOOOONG time to cook.

Depends on what is meant by better . Taste is a personal choice and nutrition depends on fillings , I think in the latter Lasagna is better due to presence of spinach and cheese/curd and tomato

I prefer Lasagna to Ravioli, I find Ravioli to mushy for me.*

Ravioli Lasagna. The perfect mix of both.

I don't think one is better than the other...........It really depends on what you are in the mood for at the moment...................

who cares? They're both so good they make me chizz my pants :D

try the lobster ravioli sometime. The bomb


Lasagna :)



Lasagna is my vote


I vote lasagne.

what ever one your in the mood for

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