Does anyone have a good Yorkshires recipe?!

Question: Does anyone have a good Yorkshires recipe?
Hi all. we lost our home in a fire last summer along with all our recipes, trying to replace a recipe for Yorkshires, roast beef dinners are just not the same. Tank you to all who respond


go to this link:…

in this link u can look for more yorkshire recipes as well :)


I find the recipe isn't the important part, but how you cook it is. Usually the simpler the recipe, the better, just make sure your batter is REALLY smooth. As long as the oil you use is really, really hot when you pour the batter in (heat it in the oven for about 5-10 minutes) and you cook the Yorkshires until they are medium-brown and crispy, about 15-20 minutes, depending how hot your oven is (or they'll deflate and go soggy), then everything should go great. :)

Yorkshire Puddings

Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook Time: 25 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutesYield: Depends on size of tin used.
?4 large, fresh eggs, measured in a jug
?Equal quantity of milk to eggs
?Equal quantity of all purpose/plain flour to eggs
?Pinch of salt
?2 tbsp lard, beef dripping or vegetable oil
Serves 6
?Heat the oven to the highest temperature possible, however, do not exceed 450F/230C or the fat may burn.
?Pour the eggs and milk into a large mixing bowl and add the pinch of salt. Whisk thoroughly with an electric hand beater or hand whisk. Leave to stand for 10 minutes.
?Gradually sieve the same volume of flour (as the eggs) into the milk and egg mixture, again using an electric hand beater or hand-whisk to create a lump free batter resembling thick cream, if there are any lumps pass the batter through a fine sieve.
?Leave the batter to rest in the kitchen for a minimum of 30 minutes, longer if possible - up to several hours.
?Place a pea-sized piece of lard, dripping or ????tsp vegetable oil into your chosen Yorkshire pudding tin, or a 4 x 2"/5cm hole tin or 12-hole muffin tin and heat in the oven until the fat is smoking. Give the batter another good whisk adding 2 tbsps of cold water and fill a third of each section of the tin with batter and return quickly to the oven.
?Leave to cook until golden brown approx 20 minutes. Repeat the last step again until all the batter is used up.

Serving Yorkshire Pudding
?In Yorkshire serving the pudding is traditionally with gravy as a starter dish followed by the meat and vegetables. More often smaller puddings cooked in muffin tins are served alongside meat and vegetables.
?Yorkshire pudding isn't reserved only for Sunday lunch. A large pudding filled with a meaty stew or chili is a dish in its own right.
?Cold left-over Yorkshire Puddings make a lovely snack with a little jam or honey.
?Yorkshire Puddings do not reheat well, becoming brittle and dry.

While looking for cookbooks online I found a book that has hundreds of recipes from a lot of the famous restaurants including Red Lobster, Applebee's, Olive Garden and The CheeseCake Factory just to name a few. It is loaded with great recipes that I love. Check it out if you want to;

4oz plain flour
1/2 pt milk and water mixed
1 egg
pinch salt.

Beat well. Heat a little oil/fat in pan/s . cook on high for 20 mins.

I make mine with equal volumes of egg, plain flour and milk, with a touch of salt and pepper.

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