Ok cooks how do you clean a whisk?!

Question: Ok cooks how do you clean a whisk?
I have bought my first whisk, lol, yeah I am excited! Anyway when done with it, I've just let it soak in water till I was dishes, don't let any batter or food harden to it, making it easier to clean. Is there any special way to clean one? Scrubbing every little wire works, I know that. What about stuff that has hardened on it? Oh, I don't have a dish washer.


Whisk it around in a bowl of hot soapy water then rinse.

I've never actually thought about how I wash my whisk, I just throw it in the sink and let it soak with whatever else is there, and wash it with a sponge. Anything that hardens on it will come right off, I've never had any problem with that.

You clean it just like you do any other cooking utensil. Throw it in some soapy water and wish it around for a second and then rub it down with a dish rag. If you will wash it right away you shouldn't have things harden on it.

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Definitely soak it immediately, so batter doesn't harden.
Then whisk in the dish water & wipe with a J-cloth.

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