How do you make a rainbow cake?!

Question: How do you make a rainbow cake?
I'm making it for 20 people. Please help!


Hi Im Erika,
Umm I love to bake so Here the Recipe xD: (Homemade)
Box of White Cake Mix: Or Make from scratch
Gel Food Coloring (Any color Really)

Directions: Ok So just mix the cake mix or Make it from scratch (I would Taste Better Hehe) Then get separate bowls and divide the white cake mix batter in each bowl then Add food coloring into each bowl any color really..Then Grease your ban and everything then add the batter so Example: Add Red then Blue then Yellow...And so on. Ok if you need any more help my email is [email protected]. I'm So glad i could help. Baii!

There is a photo of a Zebra Cake at when you get to the site search under recipes for Zebra Cake.
I would follow the same directions but use a white cake mix and divide it into several bowls and dye each a different color.
The basic directions they give is to place a bit of batter in the center of the pan then place the next color on top of that then the next on top of that one. Each addition will push out the previous color.

Your other option would be to make the batter in several colors then just sort of "plop" them into the pan and allow th colors to blend together on their own. Would look more "tie dye" than rainbow though.

I don't have the best instructions but I did buy some rainbow cake mix at the store once and it came out fantastic! A couple boxes would feed 20+ people. If you want to try and make it on your own, you could go to the food network channel website and look it up. Or even

If you look at my "Source", it leads to a recipe for a colourful and delicious rainbow cake.

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