what are some good balanced meal ideas?!

Question: What are some good balanced meal ideas?
Just looking for some healthy meals to bulk up on.


You want meals high in protein and fiber. Chicken breasts and whole grain pasta or brown rice are good options. Add a salad and go with darker green lettuce, spinach, cabbage, the more colors the better. Stay away from iceberg lettuce because it hardly has any nutritional value at all. Lots of fruit of course.

Chicken and pasta is great with marinara. There are several jarred sauces that are good- Classico, Barilla, Newman’s Own. Chicken and pasta is also good with pesto. Just toss and you can eat warm or at room temp.

It’s easy to add veggies- make raw veggies your first choice to snack on. For meals, get the frozen steamer bags. At walmart they’re $1.30, sometimes on sale for a $1. You put in the microwave for 5mins and that’s it. Sometimes frozen veggies are better than fresh because frozen is picked and packed at the peak of harvest. Some fresh veggies have been transported long distances and sitting on the grocery store shelves for several days.

And breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Don’t ever skip breakfast. Eat fruit and choose items like eggs, whole grain bread, whole grain English muffin, whole grain cereals with lower sugar, whole grain wraps, Greek yogurt (has almost double the protein of regular yogurt), steel-cut oats or regular oats (not as processed as instant oatmeal), choose meats that are lower in fat.

Protein (any) no larger than the palm of your hand.
A huge serve on non carb salad veges (less spuds pumpkin peas [arsnip sweet potatoe)
Moderate pasta or rice (mabe 1/2 cup)
Snacks - carrots celery cucumber - no lollies or not too many nuts

My father lost 24% of his body masss simply by reducing meal sizes.

Pork chops, stove top, corn. Grilled chicken, rice, steamed broccoli. Steak, baked potato, sauteed spinach. Salads at every meal and fresh cut fruit for dessert.

I have some lean minute steaks, mashed potatoes, green peas and some parsnips ready to be cooked later.

raw vegetable or steamed

chicken, jacket potato and salad! :)

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