Why does this happen like every time I make brownies?!

Question: Why does this happen like every time I make brownies?
No matter what, they're always really chewy and amazing around the edges, but gooey and underdone in the middle. Could it have something to do with the pan I'm using? The one I use is a 13x9 thin metal pan. They're good nonetheless, obviously. But I wish I could just make them perfect


Is your pan dark? If so, switch to a glass or shiny light colored pan. I would also lower the temperature in the oven by 25 degrees and add some cooking time to the recipe. This will keep them from being overcooked around the edges and not done in the center. It sounds like the oven is to hot and they are cooking to fast. Good Luck!

The oven temperature may be off. Bake at a lower temperature for a little longer. Instead of 350 deg, try 325 deg, and add 5 or 10 more minutes of cooking time, or until the center's cooked. You'll know the center is done when a toothpick comes out clean.

Without further info i would recommend the following:

lower the cooking temp and cook for a little longer so it cooks all the way through without burning. If you think the outside is getting overdone cover it with some foil.


Are you putting it on the top rack? If so, try the middle and they will turn out less gooey in the middle.

That's how I like my brownies, they sound perfect to me.

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