Question about truffles?!

Question: Question about truffles?
I want to try truffles or at least truffle oil. Because they are so expensive, I want to make something spectacular. I am very curious about the taste. Anyone have a simple idea for using truffles (or the oil). I really don't know where to buy any - I guess off the internet?


I made hummus using truffle oil instead of plain olive oil and it was spectacular. Here are many links for different sellers, w/ varied prices:…

You will have to wait a while. Truffle season is in the winter. While most people are familiar with European truffles (and their price), you can get truffles inexpensively. But you will have to wait till next winter when they are in season. Oregon and Washington state have great black and white truffles. Fresh is best and this is why you will have to wait a bit longer. But it will be worth it.
The taste? Very musky. like sexy smell. They are pungent. The fresher the better. Look up sources now so that when they are in season, you can access them easily.

An inexpensive and delicious way to try truffles - get truffle butter (about $6.) and put it on top of noodles. It's also wonderful mixed into polenta.

truffles are carcinogenic. Go and get some fresh oyster mushrooms. So much better and they arent carcinogens XD

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