How long does bread stay fresh?!

Question: How long does bread stay fresh?
I bought a loaf and it's 12 days after the expiration date now, but there's still no sign of mold. Smells fine, and tastes fine. Is it okay to eat?


Yes - the date is a 'pull by' date to change the stock. It depends on the type of bread, the humidity, and the temperature as to when bread will mold.

It's most likely okay. I had some whole wheat sub sandwich bread from the deli at Walmart that immediately grew mold after the expiration date. I threw that out, but if yours doesn't haven't mold on it, it should be good.

Hope this helps(:

Should be able to eat, bad bread there will be an unpleasant smell. Bread is to see the shelf life, if after expiration, then you'd better not eat.

Mold is sometimes white, so there may be mold on it.


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