how to store cupcakes and frosting?!

Question: How to store cupcakes and frosting?
How long could i put unfrosted cupcakes in the freezer and have them still taste delish? can i make homemade frosting and store that in the fridge or freezer also? -thanks


I think unfrosted cupcakes should be individually and securely wrapped in plastic wrap then placed in a container prior to freezing them. This will help to keep their shape as well as keep them fresh for several months. The more air you can remove from the packaging - the better.
I would refrigerate homemade frosting. Sometimes the consistency of frosting changes after it has been frozen. Test a small sample in the freezer to see what it is like once it has been thawed out.

Don't freeze frosting because the texture and consistency of frosting's and icings can change drastically in the freezer, only plain (unfrosted) cupcakes should be frozen...I think the best way is to wrap the cupcakes in plastic wrap and placed in a zip lock bag...Make your frosting the day you need it.......

Good luck !!!

The refrigerator would be best for the frosting, but I don't know about the cupcakes.

yes to the icing if you put a piece of saran wrap on it 2-3 wk
same for frozen
but 6-9 mos

freeze the cupcakes then wrap in foil for best results and they will keep 3-6 mos

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