So here is cupcake man's story?!

Question: So here is cupcake man's story?
So I was all crouched at the corner of Paul's fridge waiting for someone to take me out. But then I heard a noise. A scream! It was Paul! I had to save him, but how? Then I saw the cat open the fridge and I jumped out. The cat chased me around the house until I finally escaped. I got to Paul's room, but it wasn't him. Paul had had a baby! I was jealous big tme. So I jumped on the baby's face and sprinkle ran over it. Then I jumped out the window but I lost the ability to fly. I could hear our neighbor ask "Did I just see a cupcake fall out a window?". I ignored their ignorance, but I learned something that day, because I got on top of a drugged pelican and flew across the world! I went to the Eiffel Tower, to the Pyramids, even Santa's house.


lol, Interesting developmentXD. Cupcake man's adventures. Please make a story for each of the places you went to. Seems interestingXD


best answer please... :) :)

what is exactly your question? nice story. rate as best answer bro

wooooo way better than that stupid gingerbread man!!

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