What can i add to a Peanut butter & Fluff sandwich?!

Question: What can i add to a Peanut butter & Fluff sandwich?
what can i add to it


Raisins, chocolate chips, bananas, ...

Why ruin perfectly good peanut butter?

However, if you are using the unnatural stuff, then nothing is being ruined, it already has been ruined.

Peanut Butter and Co. makes a very good peanut butter and chocolate PB. It's all natural. My father-in-law bought some for my sister-in-law instead of Nutella and she did not like it. so, my smart FIL (who does not like to waste food and who is not picky), passed it on to me, as I am also not picky and do not like to waste food. (He has passed on many "expired" foods to my husband and me because my MIL IS picky, a trait my SIL has inherited.)

Personally, I like natural PB with natural jelly or jam on natural whole wheat bread. It's been awhile since I have had that, as I went on a PB kick when I was pregnant. (I had my own jars of PB jsut because I went through it more quickly than my husband and now-three-year-old combined.)

I digress.

peanuts. maybe melted Chocolate or chocolate spread ..

I guess you could make a smores sandwich with peanut butter.

that's Chocolate ,fluffy and peanut butter.

This may sound gross and I never tried it . but every tryed peanut butter and jelly with fluffy?

Jelly, Cheese, Chocolate, Banana's, Strawberry. back in middle school I had them make me a Peanut Butter, Jelly, Fluff, and Cheese Sandwich and it tasted really good.

What is a peanut butter & fluff sandwich?Peanut butter maybe marshmallow fluff between 2 slices
of bread?If this is right-you can toast your bread and add banana slices.

Ahhh! You cannibal!

Strawberry jelly

Nutella !

what the actual f...U...c...K is wrong with your mind............WHO EATS THAT??????? LIKE WHAT THE HELL...............



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