How to stop spaghetti bolognese becoming watery?!

Question: How to stop spaghetti bolognese becoming watery?
When i come to serve it up and put it all on the plate it suddenly becomes watery. I drain the spaghetti for about 5 mins, i make sure the bolognese sauce (ready made) is brought to the boil. but still the water appears.

Any help please?


Brown Your mince and then remove all the fat You have left, then add the sauce,

As for the pasta when you rinse It, Boil the kettle and rinse in boiling water, Put into a colander and cover with something and then 'SHAKE' The water out, this will be quicker for you so the spaghetti does not go cold.

Hope this helps ? let me know by a mail or something :)

This is how I roll ;)

Hi there.

Try leaving it to drain for at least two minutes, without letting it get cold. Or maybe your sauce is making it appear watery - try adding chopped tomatoes.

I hope I helped.

drain the fat off the mince.

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