I need a low calorie granola recipe to add to my yogurt.?!

Question: I need a low calorie granola recipe to add to my yogurt.?
I'm trying to lose weight by eating light yogurts at 90 calories, but would like to have something crunchy in that yogurt to make it better. Eating the same texture can make it hard to stick to a diet and I believe that having crunchy granola in my yogurt can help. Something that will taste good with peach and strawberry flavors, maybe cinnamon and that takes a few minutes to make in a big batch for the whole week please. Thanks.



I suggest a homemade mix of toasted sunflower seeds, maybe with some sesame seeds or other nuts. The oils in them are healthy and will help stave off hunger pangs.

Here is what I suggest you try:

3 Tablespoons sunflower seeds
3 Tablespoons sesame seeds
1/4 C crispy rice cereal
no-stick canola or olive oil spray
cinnamon sugar or cinnamon & sweetner mix-- try just a tsp or so.

Mix the seeds together and spray with just a bit of the oil. Heat a small fry pan on low and toast the seeds, tossing them in the pan so they heat evenly. When the seeds are toasted (be sure all the water from the spray has cooked off) add the cereal and the spice and sweetener. Toss and stir to coat well. Add more cinnamon if needed. Cool and store for the week.

Good luck!

granola usually have quite a few calories. Just have some fruit before or after your yogurt. Berries, melon, apple slices- that will fill you up and you're getting fiber and other nutrients and no added sugar.

Oats, puffed rice, wheat flakes, coconut, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds. Cover all the grains and seeds with a little honey and butter, on a tray, then bake in oven.

rice crispies

rice ks

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