Will slow cooking plastic with food hurt you?!

Question: Will slow cooking plastic with food hurt you?
This is probably a dumb question, but I want to make sure before I throw out a whole chicken.

Yesterday, i cooked a chicken in the crockpot. well, my boyfriend ate on the plane home, so I wasn't able to use it. I removed it from the cooker and put it in the fridge over night
this morning, I got up and put it back on to warm up the fat-broth. I deboned the chicken and diluted the fat broth with water. I was going to use it to make chicken and dumplings later. Well, as i was cleaning the pot I found that I had cooked the entire thing with securing ring that goes on top (its a plastic ring that you wrap around the lid and pot so it doesn't slosh when you transport it). Do you think the chicken and broth in still safe to eat?


Nope. You have the oil from the plastic in there.

If it isn't a melted sticky mess it will probably be OK.

I would have a taste test and if it tasted a little plasticity I would dump it.

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