How can I extract the grease from my hair so I can use it to cook eggs?!

Question: How can I extract the grease from my hair so I can use it to cook eggs?
I like my eggs greasy, but im out of oil. Because I'm out of money, I thought mabey I wouldnt wash for a week to generate my own oil. Now, how do I get it out of my hair and into the pan?


This is what we call white trash!!
Do you live in a trailer too??

cut it all off then boil it in water for 10 minutes and remove hair, keep boiling untill all water has evaporated and there should be a smelly residue in bottom of pot, insert eggs, cook, and enjoy!

just an idea

if you're willing to wait a whole week in order to generate hair oil before you eat your eggs,why not just find a way to earn enough money to buy a stick of butter?

Baylee, real bright my friend, but most people are not as stupid as your think they are. By the way, the extra two points are welcome.

Rub the raw eggs into your hair & use a hair dryer to cook them.
In order to eat them when cooked, you'll need to "Fork Off"!

You can cook eggs in water and not need oil.

Wash your hair in the pot of water and then boil off the water till you get oil.

eeewww. Use margarine, or go borrow some from a neighbor. Please.

All I have to say is: this is one of the dumbest questions I have ever read. That's so gross!

with a nailgun

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