What was the first food you learned to cook?!

Question: What was the first food you learned to cook?
.. or make?
It can be anything, sandwich, pasta, rice, even boiling.

So what was it?


Coq au Vin.

Mine was those cake things
made with cornflakes and melted
chocolate. I loved them as a child
also taught my son how do it when
he was little.
he will remember that too as well
I like that idea of passing down things
ok it's not rocket science but nice anyway

originally my mum

Mashed Potatoes. My mom cut up potatoes and I did the rest. I loved mashing them. I made them so good that my dad said that I was in charge of making them from then on. I made them until I moved out of the house, then my brother took over.

Chocolate pudding in Home Ec class. My mother wouldn't let me near her kitchen, she was jealous of any other female in her kitchen, even me.

Microwaving instant noodles when i was 8. They were my favourite :-)


Hawaiian, minestrone.

Probably fudge.

The classic ramen. If that counts. Otherwise the next would be eggs.

peanut butter and crackers

chocolate pudding (on the stove)

First thing I baked on my own was a brownie from a box.
I think I was 7 or 8

Nestle Tollhouse Choc Ch

spaghetti with meat sauce

when i helped my mum cook a cake when
i was a little girl

boil eggs lol

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