I am making a recipe online, the recipe recommends rice as a side dish?!

Question: I am making a recipe online, the recipe recommends rice as a side dish?
http://www.food.com/recipe/red-lobster-nantucket-baked-cod-221240 this is the recipe I am making but I want something easy and flavorful that I can put in my rice that will taste good with this..

(I am using brown rice)


I see an opportunity to include garlic, which is not part of the fish dish. Very lightly. Garlic can overpower, but used effectively can allow other flavors to waken. Give your brown rice just a hint of garlic.

From the same website, you can do a garlic rice.


Use the Uncle Ben's "Long Grain and Wild Rice" It has seasoning with it and is delicious!


If you want to add to the rice you could add slices mushrooms, diced asparagus and some chicken bullion.

Wild rice with grated ginger............Cod is bland...so you need a little kick....Maybe slice some mushrooms with garlic...sauteed together....

Good luck !!!

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