If I eat cake batter and sit under the sun, will there be a cake baking in me?!

Question: If I eat cake batter and sit under the sun, will there be a cake baking in me?
I hate having to wait all that time baking cakes. So, maybe I could just eat the cake batter and have a cake in my tummy! Will it work that way?


Yes, eat some icing and candles, too.

No because the sun heats your skin and by the time the UV rays hit your stomach the cake batter would have been digested and you would have very bad sunburn. BTW it would take longer for the cake to bake inside you and the batter can make you ill. Have you tried to do something useful while the cake is baking like washing the dishes you have used for the baking or tried baking something that takes less time?

uuhhh NO. that is one of the dumbest things i've ever heard. to get scientific, which you probably won't understand, acid in your stomach immediately starts dissolving food. the sun would not do anything.

preschool-level knowledge

silly silly

yeah right. If eat a watermelon seed, will it grow? no!



all i have to say is wtf is wrong with you

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