Do you manage kitchen work yourself or take help of a cook?!

Question: Do you manage kitchen work yourself or take help of a cook?

I manage cooking and other
kitchen work myself

it gives me Immense pleasure

It is split 50/50 sort of between my husband & I. He does a little more but that's because he is a house husband and I work. But we don't have a "cook" we have each other! By the way, he is a GREAT cook!

I have a friend who is a chef
It's great when he comes over
He cooks,serves,washes up,
cleans cooker, puts dishes away
and cleans the floor
otherwise do it all myself

I am the cook, the dishwasher and the menu planner..

Any cooking done in this home is done by me, as well as the shopping, meal planning and clean up

i manage myself

my mother does the cooking, i do all the cleaning in the kicthen

home skills

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