I want to make a slime pool for a fun kids day. Any ideas on how to make large batches of slime?!

Question: I want to make a slime pool for a fun kids day. Any ideas on how to make large batches of slime?
I am wanting to put it in one of those plastic kiddie pools. And a lt of it. Also, any other ideas for fun and gross things to do would be appriciated. We are going to have them toss raw spaghetti at each other, raw egg races, human sundaes, water gun fight.


Remember, you asked for GROSS.......Make a kitty litter cake.
You should do a search for 'gross Halloween food'. Too many came up to list here. One I saw had pretzel stick boogers!

Below are recipes for slime. Gooey luck?

Gross things: peeled grapes.

There's also recipes for edible dirt (with gummy worms) you can serve for dessert.

That'll be 5-cents, please.


Here is a search that gave tons of recipes for the slime like they had on Nickalodeon back in the day:

Edit: Ok, Y!A didn't post the entire link. I went to google and entered: "nickelodeon slime recipe"

Man I wish they'd fix the links on this thing.

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