Best rescipe for theatre-style sauce?!

Question: Best rescipe for theatre-style sauce?
I am mixing the best ingredients I can find to get that thatre-style sauce just right for the chips but cant seem to get it. any advice? I have mixed kraft, velveeta and a can of Ragu Chese sauce together in all combos with butter and salt and stuff to get the theatre-style sauce right but i cant seem to get it down can you help i noticed a bit of spice in it so i dashed tabasca in it too and tried extra salt to make it spicier. it takes half a can of salt to make it spicy enough that way. Please, I want to surprise my husban.


If you have a Smart and Final in your area, or if your supermarket has an ethnic food aisle, like with Mexican food products, you can find canned Nacho cheese sauce that tastes JUST like it does at the theater. It tastes that way because they too, use canned Nacho cheese sauce! By the way, EXTRA SALT will not make it spicier, only SALTIER. I am sure if you utilized your computer you could probably find a decent and easy RECIPE for nacho cheese sauce. When you go to find a recipe online, type in NACHO CHEESE SAUCE...I don't think many people call it theater sauce, when I first saw that I was like "what the heck is theater sauce?" Theater sauce sounds like something you would find puddled under a theater seat on the floor. Ew.


Try including eye of newt. It adds the perfect subtlety to the best ingredients: Kraft, Velveeta, Ragu "Chese" sauce, half a can of salt, "tabasca" and "stuff".

I don't know what "theatre-style" sauce is, by the way. I've never had sauce at a theater, although I've been to some saucy productions at theaters. Your "husban" will be surprised, and he won't want to ban you from the bedroom.

Try Velveta cheese and Rotel tomatoes with green chilis.
Yum, yum, yum

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