How to use a pressure cooker?!

Question: How to use a pressure cooker?
I just got a pressure cooker, and I've never used one before. I want to know how far to turn down the heat, after it comes up to the right pressure. I've heard "turn it down a little, but not too much," and I've heard "turn it down to low." Does anyone know, for sure? Thanks a bunch!


You're going to LOVE your pressure cooker! It will do so many things, as well as just doing them quickly.
(Right now I happen to have the carcass from a cheap pre-roasted grocery chicken in mine happily hissing along to make chicken stock -with half an onion, a few lengths of carrot and celery, plus a bay leaf and peppercorns added. About 30 minutes and great stock for the soup I'll be making tomorrow--or sometimes I just store in the freezer.)

As for turning it down, that will depend a bit on your individual burner and the type and thickness of metal your pressure cooker is made from. But basically, after it begins to hiss/sputter, just turn it down to where you hear at least 4 or so of those sputters per minute. (You've gotten it "up to pressure" once it starts jiggling, but you don't want too much of the steam to escape while you're cooking so don't need it to stay really hiss-y).

And definitely check out this site at least for more on pressure cooking..."Miss Vickie" covers a lot of the basics, has many recipes, etc., etc:…



I think you can do it either way. It's probably just a matter of how quickly you want your food done. I'm not a professional with pressure cookers or anything. I've seen them used a lot on the Food Network when they're having timed challenges, so It's pretty much used for meat when you want it done quicker than usual. But I'm sure you already knew that. Haha. I've never used one, but I have one stowed away somewhere.
I probably didn't help at all,
but Good luck! :)

i do mine slow like a 1/4 turn if it stops jingling you turn it back up
it is some thing you will learn with time
med heat is where i cook on mine

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