Other than mineral oil, what oil can I use on bamboo cutting board?!

Question: Other than mineral oil, what oil can I use on bamboo cutting board?
I am trying to avoid mineral oil for environmental reasons. Is there another oil that will work to season the board?


I never oil any of my cutting boards, never have. I do oil the top of my work island which is bare wood, because the oil helps food liquids not soak in or stain. And it's right there in the middle of the kitchen in full view and it looks nicer oiled. But since a cutting board can be washed in hot water and detergent and left to dry quickly, I see no reason to oil a cutting board. I have at least one very good board that's about 35 years old and is showing wear from cutting, but it has no cracks. I've had cutting boards crack. They were super cheap ones and I let them stay wet in the sink too often. As long as you wash and dry the board as soon as you've finished using it, you shouldn't have any trouble with it. I have a couple of bamboo boards and they seem to have an extremely tight grain. I'm not sure how much oil is going to soak in anyway.

I never oiled my Bamboo board and never had a problem with it. I think the reason people oil them is to A. stop the wood from drying out and possibly splitting, and B, keep them from warping. If you don;'t mind your board developing a slight unevenness to it, then you can forgo the oiling.

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Use linseed oil, or vegetable oil.

It pays to oil as it helps preserve the wood.

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