Does your DiGiorno pizza burn every time you cook it? DAMMMIT!!?!

Question: Does your DiGiorno pizza burn every time you cook it? DAMMMIT!!?
The cheese is burnt and the crust is underdone!!!!!



It sounds like you baked it on broil?! Anyway, your oven heat was way too high or your bottom element isn't working and the top was overcooking it. Check that your oven is working with both the top and bottom elements and bake a pizza at 350F until the cheese is melted and bubbling. :)

Try changing your oven racks so the crust is lower on the oven, closer to the heat. Also try placing it directly on the rack instead of placing it on a baking sheet. Mine come out fine though.

Try baking at a lower temperature. :)

your oven is too hot

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